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Walker and Gracie Puppies Whelped July 18, 2017

11 Puppies, 4 Females and 7 Males. Excellent ridges, some ridgeless.

Sire: CH Sundown's Tennessee Walker
Dam: CH Southridge Abeni Amara

All Of Our Puppies From This Litter Have Been Placed

For Pedigree of Gracie and Walker Click Here

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September 3rd. Almost 8 weeks. We still have a few very nice puppies available to excellent and approved homes. Please contact us if you are interested.

September 3rd. Almost 7 weeks. Pictures below have puppies broken into groups. They are getting big.
3 Males below, all with very nice Ridges, all Show/Pet Male Puppies
3 Females below, all with very nice Ridges, both Show/Pet Female Puppies
5 Puppies without ridges. 4 Males (M), 1 Female (F), all Pet Puppies

August 27th. Almost 6 weeks. Pups been visiting daddy for a week and will be going home soon.
Lots of typical play and fun for all. They have learned to drag toys in and out of the dog door.

August 20th. Almost 5 weeks. Busy day. Puppies moved to their Daddy's out today for babysitting while we have to be out of town for a week. Exciting day for them. First time they are on grass and they get to go in and out the dog door. They are having a ball.

Biggest problem was the dog door jam. They were so funning we took lots of pictures and posted below. Outside is grass and new adventures... but it's very hot. Inside is a nice play area that is cool and a blanket to sleep. Fun times.

August 13th. Almost 4 weeks. Puppies doing great and growing like weeds. With this big of a litter, mom can no longer keep up with feeding so we are helping by capping off the puppies with bottle fed goats milk. We have also started socialization and potty training. Puppies learn to potty by feel on their paws so we have added a fake grass potty trainer in the whelping box and puppies are already using it. The bottom 2 rows below were taken during the week.

This weekend we started them on solid food. Top row below was taken this Sunday am. Note 2 boys fighting. The little one started it :)

August 6th. Almost 3 weeks. Gracie and Walker puppies are growing fast. Eyes are open and they are on their legs.

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